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Eliminate Travel and Volunteer for Hosting!

  My school volunteers to host JV Challenge. (Optional - you MUST ensure administrative approval first)

Participation Guidelines

  • All events are online. Visit for info.
  • One team may participate per school.
  • Students must be legally and continuously enrolled in your school.
  • If a school districts ninth and tenth graders are enrolled in separate schools, the teams may participate either together or separately.
  • Participation is limited to ninth and tenth grade students.
  • Students may compete in both JV Challenge and Governor's Cup.
  • Each school participating in Quick Recall must provide two certified officials.
  • Each school participating in Composition must provide a reader.


Preferred Payment Method - $90  JV Challenge Registration Fee


1. Immediate Pay

       Payment Enclosed--Print Confirmation Form (next page) and mail a copy, along with an $90  check, to: KAAC, 113 Consumer Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601

Note:  *The Confirmation Form is your invoice.  PLEASE do not send more than one form in per team!

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Note:  *The Confirmation Form is your invoice.  PLEASE do not send more than one form in per team!

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